Is this a lifetime access?
YES! As long as you have your registered username, password and internet. You can anytime access your online courses on publicspeakingacademy.in from anywhere.
What are online courses?
Online courses are the easiest ways to disseminate knowledge, skills and information. Online course is the modern way of teaching and learning. It is a compilation of online videos which you can use to learn in a step-by-step manner.
How to learn public speaking skills from online courses?
Public speaking is like any other skill it includes techniques and methods. There are various systems and strategies you can use while speaking on the stage like how to cover the stage, how to use body language, how to use vocal variety, how to start and end your presentation, how to passively integrate stories and humour in your content.
I must tell you only babies are born on the planet, public speaking is a learnable skill. These online courses would help you to master this skill
Why are we not offering these online courses for free?
There is a huge difference among people who invest and people who do not invest. My life changed 360° when I started investing in learning. Just because money should not be the barrier for people who are interested in learning I have kept this offer so low (for limited time period) But at this moment it’s offered for free, it will lose its value. I’m looking for those people who are ready to invest their time in learning public speaking skills. Grab the opportunity.
What does out closed FB group offer?
In my closed FB group you get 2 benefits. One, you can upload your practise videos for assessment. You can analyse how other members of the group are responding and sharing their feedback. There is a huge comfort in practising in front of the closed group of like minded people.
Second, every month at least once we meet and have a Live FAQ session which is for 90 minutes to 2 hours. I use this opportunity to share my key learnings of last one month.
Haven’t received any confirmation email after payment?
Don’t panic! You will receive an email with URL, username and password to access your purchased courses. Also, make sure to check your SPAM.
For International members, we send an email and Indian members both SMS and email as confirmation on course purchased.
Still, if the issue persists do write back. Such issues are always resolved on a priority basis. While writing back, ensure to write your mobile number or email id which you have used for payment purpose.
How long the offer will be on?
The offer can end anytime. The strategy team decides whether to close or keep the offer available. So don’t wait! Before its late grab the deal and stay rest assured to get quality training that will enhance your public speaking skills.
Already a member and facing difficulty to access your purchased course?
If you are already a registered member of publicspeakingacademy.in and you buy any course, you can have access to your purchased course from your registered email id and old login password. Make sure you use the same email id for purchasing the course that you used to become a member of publicspeakingacademy.in.
In case if you switch your email id or use a new email id while purchasing your online course then you will not be able to see it on your old free account created with different email id. To avoid this, if you are already a publicspeakingacademy.in registered member use the same email id which you have used when you are doing the payment.
In case of any query, do write back on support@speakandgrow.in; we will immediately give you a call-back or reverted with a reply. We would love to help you.