What Will I Learn?

    The first most important skill you will learn is the difference between gestures and body language. This understanding will help you to look natural on the stage, avoid unnecessary and exaggerated gestures to convey the message. At the same time you also learn the difference between stage moment and stage coverage, especially  for those people who move continuously or in a rhythmic manner whenever they speak in front of people. I have also covered the diffrence bwetween audience involvement vs audience engagement which will help you to give powerful presentation

    Understanding Public Speaking Jargons: 

    1. Gestures vs Body Language
    2. Stage Movement vs Stage Coverage
    3. Audience involvement vs audience engagement

Course format

    Experiential Online Course.

    What is Experiential Online Courses ?

    Under these courses I share the blueprint of those milestones which I have achieved numerous time personally Or I  Share key learnings which I have implemented several times in my personal and professional life which have given me significant benefits. This course is the reording of live training session. 



      It's for  all professionals, it doesn’t matter whether you are interested in becoming a professional speaker or not but speaking effectively in front of people is a requirement for every professional, especially for  those people who would like to take leadership roles. English speaking is not at all the requirement to complete this course. 



      These are 3 key jargons in public speaking understanding of these jargon will help you to speak effectively in front of people. As I  always say, like any other skill there are techniques and methods even in public speaking. It is very important for us to understand these jargon in a correct perspective so we can speak actively. 


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