What Will I Learn?

    • How to use stories to persuade your listeners?
    • Promoting yourself/ your company through real-life stories.
    • Gaining the trust of your clients and colleagues through storytelling
    • Gathering attention and eyeballs by using stories.

Course format

    online course 



    • No prior knowledge of creating speeches or presentations or public speaking is required
    • If you have a willingness to speak out loud and not simply read or watch videos about speaking
    • If you are a leader or wish to become a leader. Because as a leader you have to separate yourself from the crowd, stand alone and speak


    Using stories to empower businesses.

    Life is nothing but a series of stories put together. If portrayed the right way, stories have the ability to change mindsets. But a lesser known fact is that stories can serve as a great tool for business and career growth. 

    Every great Entrepreneur is first a great storyteller. This course will help you learn techniques through which you can use stories for your professional growth.

    This course is developed by 9 Times International TEDx Speaker, Tech Entrepreneur and Business storyteller Mr. Praveen Wadalkar.

    After spending more than a decade in the corporate world, Mr. Praveen Wadalkar has come up with few tips and strategies that makes storytelling a vital aspect of business and entrepreneurship.

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Course content

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Passion is the key in enhancing any skill
The most critical learning in public speaking
Our social media habits might be affecting our brain more than we know.
Public speaking skill is like any other skill
What is the best mantra to improve your stage communication
Common excuse why people do not learn public speaking skill
If we want to take any skill in the world to the next level
Speaking natural is the most difficult skill
Why Do People fear Public Speaking?
Why we should learn public speaking
What is the formula of effective public speaking
One of the biggest reasons why many people face challenges in public speaking because they speak only in front of known audience.
What is the structure of effective public speaking
One of the best ways to deliver your content effectively is to choose your preferred language on the stage.
4 step structure of effective public speaking
How to give your best when you have a difficult challenge before you
Why should you become a storyteller
No skill is easy or difficult if the reason is strong
How to find the correct coach?
One of the most commonly asked questions in public speaking is "My English is not fluent can I still effectively speak in front of the public?"
Why did my 13 years old son decide to go on a trek on Sunday, while having his Maths exam on Monday?
Sticking to a decision is often harder, but it's a habit like any other, more you do it better you become and, of course, vice versa.
Is storytelling a skill or a natural talent?
What is the difference between being good in TALKING and being good at PUBLIC SPEAKING?
Decoding the fear of public speaking. Sometimes I wonder does public speaking fear really exist.
The biggest mistake in public speaking is not speaking effectively