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    You will learn the connection between public speaking skills and meditation. I have learned and realised this during my Vipassana meditation training. It's very simple to understand meditation is all about focusing on one thing and whenever we speak in front of people we have to focus only on one thing. Sometimes we believe that one thing is content, sometime we believe that one thing is your body language or vocal variety. But, after spending three years studying this  skill I strongly believe that “one thing” is only the audience.

    Everytime when you speak in front of people it is very important for you to focus only on the audience like their reactions, their gestures, their understanding etc. If you understand simple techniques of meditation and connect that with your speaking skills it will help you to speak effectively every time when you stand in front of people.




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    Experiential Online Course.

    What is Experiential Online Courses ?

    Under these courses I share the blueprint of those milestones which I have achieved numerous time personally Or I  Share key learnings which I have implemented several times in my personal and professional life which have given me significant benefits.This course is the reording of live training session. 



      It is very simple to understand whether this course is for you or not. Whenever you speak in front of people and you struggle to focus on your presentation or  audience due to chatter going in your mind like- whether they are liking my presentation or not ?; Am I speaking effectively or not ?; Is my idea worth sharing or not ?;  Am I looking confident or not ? and many more...

      If these are the kind of chatter  going in your mind which is stopping you from focusing on your presentation or  audience this course is for you.

      English speaking is not at all the requirement to complete this course. 



      Even though not many courses are available on meditation and public speaking skills but after learning Vipassana meditation technique which is 2500 years old technique which Buddha use to teach, I’ve seen a strong relation between meditation and public speaking skills.This course highlights the strong connection between these two distinctly exclusive skills.


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