What Will I Learn?

    You will learn the most advanced technique of communicating with the world-  making videos. 

    We should feel fortunate that we are living in a world where sharing your ideas with people irrespective of where they are located just a click away.  Globally leaders are using videos to reach a maximum number of people to disseminate their knowledge and learning. 


Course format

    Each communication capsule covers one specific aspect of communication or public speaking.The capsule is divided into 2 parts- 

    • Skill set 
    • Mindset

    The Mindset section elaborates the concepts, perspectives and theories whereas the skill set section covers techniques and methods.



    This course is for those people who want to leverage video making and social media to build credibility. It’s an opportunity for everyone to make videos, to share their ideas, knowledge , and get noticed by like-minded people.

    Publishing video in an organised way is as good as publishing a book. In both cases the intention is dissemination of knowledge. Which will help you to build authority in your nische.



    Like any other communication capsule even this capsule is divided in skill set and mindset.

    Mindset covers important aspects of understanding the potential of making videos. It will help you to understand that making videos and sharing your knowledge is not an option it’s an opportunity for all of us.

    Skill set covers various techniques and methods of making videos, tools required, how to find topics, I have also covered a very important aspect that is how to organise the content whenever you’re making a video.