What Will I Learn?

    Get access to various techniques and methods available to interact with the audience. You will also understand the concept of “99% focus” . It means there will always be 1% of the audience who are not interested in listening to you. How to manage that audience? Mindset will help you to understand the true definition of an audience engagement. In the skill set section I have demonstrated various  techniques and methods. I have broadly categorised audience engagement under two categories, you will not only understand these two categories at the same time you’ll understand what are the techniques and methods under these two categories.


Course format

    Each communication capsule covers one specific aspect of communication or public speaking.The capsule is divided into 2 parts- 

    • Skill set 
    • Mindset

    The Mindset section elaborates the concepts, perspectives and theories whereas the skill set section covers techniques and methods.



    This course is very useful for people in sales, marketing, teaching or leadership role. I have learned, every time when we stand in front of people not necessarily they are listening to us actively even if they are looking towards us. It is very important and imperative for leaders to learn the techniques of effective audience engagement. 

    English speaking is not at all the requirement to complete this course. You will learn the techniques and methods of engaging the audience in public speaking & presentations.



    You will learn how to interact with the audience. This course is divided into 2 parts: mindset and skill set. In mindset you’ll understand the various aspects of engagement. In skill set you will understand the several techniques and methods of interacting with the audience.