What Will I Learn?

    Like other communication capsule even this communication capsule is divided into mindset and skill set.

    In the mindset section I have discussed various concepts which will help you to understand the importance of speaking in the meetings and at the same time it will also help you to understand why people do not speak sometimes even if they have something to share especially in corporate meetings.

    Under the skill set section, I have covered techniques of speaking in meetings in various scenarios like if you want to correct someone, if want to cut someone off or how to react if someone interrupts you. 


Course format

    Each communication capsule covers one specific aspect of communication or public speaking.The capsule is divided into 2 parts- 

    • Skill set 
    • Mindset

    The Mindset section elaborates the concepts, perspectives and theories whereas the skill set section covers techniques and methods.




    This course is especially for corporate people or even for those people who regularly attend or conduct meetings.



    Every time when you attend a meeting it doesn't matter whether you are leading or you are attending, it’s an opportunity for you to make your presence be felt and get you ideas noticed. I have also observed in the last two decades of my professional experience that many a times in meetings especially in difficult situations if you speak effectively you get noticed which could be very productive for your career growth.