What Will I Learn?

    Learn how to build an engaging conversation with small or large groups. These conversation play a critical role in your personal and professional growth. You will also learn 6 things which can KILL your conversation, I have named it DEMONS of conversation:  

    1. Destructive
    2. Equating
    3. Monopolizing
    4. Omniscient
    5. No
    6. Short

Course format

    Experiential Online Course.

    What is Experiential Online Courses ?

    Under these courses I share the blueprint of those milestones which I have achieved numerous time personally Or I  Share key learnings which I have implemented several times in my personal and professional life which have given me significant benefits.



    This course is very important for professionals. If you are a leader or moving towards that designation building short yet effective conversation with your team members is very important in conveying your ideas, thoughts and values.This skill is also very important for people who are in sales and marketing because many times we get very less time with clients or seniors for conversation.

    English speaking is not at all the requirement to complete this course. You will learn the techniques and methods of building conversation irrespective of which language you choose.





    I have encapsulated my two decades of professional experience in this course. Various key learnings which I have implemented while building conversation with my team members, clients, investors and other stakeholders, I have added in this course.


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