What Will I Learn?

    • How to connect with the audience?
    • Contemporary public speaking & presentation skills to ensure a memorable impact.
    • Simple and effective 4 step speaking structure which can be used in any speaking situation.
    • Look comfortable, confident and relaxed in any speaking situation.
    • Speak in a natural way (this is the hardest for most people).
    • Deliver a memorable presentation experience and influence your audience.

Course format

    • Online video course 


    • No prior knowledge of creating speeches or presentations or public speaking is required!
    • Take this course
      • If you are a leader or wish to become a leader. Because as a leader you have to separate yourself from the crowd, stand alone and speak
      • If you have a willingness to speak out loud and not simply read or watch videos about speaking
      • If you have a willingness to try things outside of your comfort zone in order to learn new speaking skills


    • This course is developed by 9 Times International TEDx Speaker and Tech Entrepreneur Praveen Wadalkar
    • Message from the instructor:
      • "This Course is Based on Real-Life Practical Experiences and Not Theoretical Concepts. I have spoken 9 times on the TEDx stage in 4 countries, but when I think back to the first time I stood on stage, it was a nightmare, not only for me even for the audience. When I was coming down from the stage there was only one thought in my mind "I am not a born speaker" But you know what ONLY BABIES ARE BORN IN THIS WORLD. Soon I realized public speaking is a learnable skill and anyone can learn and master this skill.
      • “In the last few years, I devoted hours to soak up the contemporary presentation and public speaking techniques from the best presenters and speakers across the world. And today, I have spoken more than 100 times in few of the best corporate and educational institutes. Most importantly, the same learnings are adding significant value to my entrepreneurship journey”
      • “This 6 weeks ONLINE COURSE includes my key learning and hands-on insights, which I have converted in simple 4-step-structure which can be used in any speaking situation. And I am very sure these learnings will help you to take your public speaking skills to the next level. Because as a leader you have to separate yourself from the crowd, stand alone and speak in front of the public".

Course content

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Course Outline and Background
Quick UNLEARNING session before learning
One story or One incident: This can change the way you speak on the stage
STEP 1 : 4 highly effective methods of hooking audience even before you speak
STEP 2 : 6 highly effective methods of starting any presentation / speech
STEP 3 PART 1 (Body Language): 5 Methods for Effective Body Language on Stage
STEP 3 PART 2 (VOCAL VARIETY): 3 Methods for improving vocal variety
STEP 4 : 2 highly effective methods of ending any presentation / speech
Closing message