What Will I Learn?

    Now you have access to hundreds of questions asked by people on public speaking skills. I have carefully picked questions to avoid overlap and share my perspective on these commonly encountered situations in public speaking skills. The uniqueness of this course is the varied questions coming from people who are at different levels in their personal and professional life. You will learn from more than 150 questions and answers about the most important skill which defines a career growth that is your ability to speak in front of people. 


Course format

    What is Experiential Online Courses ?

    Under these courses I share the blueprint of those milestones which I have achieved numerous time personally Or I  Share key learnings which I have implemented several times in my personal and professional life which have given me significant benefits. This course is the reording of live training session. 



      If you are curious about Public speaking and if you have inquisitive questions about this important skill this is a one-stop shop course for you.

      Even after completing this course, if you still have a question please send it to support@publicspeakingacademy.in



      In this course I have answered several questions on public speaking. These answers are my perspective which I have gained during my speaking opportunities. In the last few years I’ve spoken on various platforms and  also got an opportunity to learn from various other speakers and audiences. I’ve tried my best to encapsulate that experience as well while answering these questions.